Ann Snelson

Photo by (duh) Ann Snelson.

Well how do I truly explain me? I am not even sure if that's possible. I am 35, the mother of 7 little monkeys (four gentlemen and three little ladies - the image below is the newest addition) who do believe they ARE part of a circus from what I can tell, and... I love to create. Anything really... I just have to at all times be doing something to make something for someone somehow. Yeah, say that 10 times fast. I adore photography. Check out my portfolio and book a shoot! But I also love to sew. Store up top for those creations too. Sometimes in stock items and well sometimes you can request customs. Just watch for the options. I homeschool, I bake like all the things. Mostly allergy free and always from scratch. I like to wood work.. You know the cute wooden 18 inch doll furniture. I am starting a blog because lets face it, I have way more to say than any one poor person can manage to listen to, not sure a team of people can manage to keep up with it. So hey if I blog it SOMEBODY will get to benefit from my ramblings daily. But they can all pick and choose which ramblings they are interested in. LOL I do NOT know how to do everything nor am I great at everything but I CAN and will learn to do all things in time. Just give me some time.