Senior Girl downtown Little Rock

We got half done! one more downtown outfit and hair style to go, then studio images! A full all out senior session can be broken up into multiple mini sessions to allow different hair and makeup and more variety! This is your chance to really model everything you have!

This young lady even went for sports event coverage to round it all out! Wait until we finish this set of imagery!!


This is all one outfit one location so as you can see massive variety is possible with even a mini session if that is what your budget allows. But the sky is the limit. Want to shoot a few locations in multiple outfits with different hair. You can do multiple mini sessions including a studio session and add coverage of a sports event and get all of the gorgeous images from everything!

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American Girl sized doll house...

So how you ask was this monstrosity born? Well ok I was going to trade someone for a store bought one, but I am actually glad that did not occur. The store bought ones are 4ft 11 inches wide and 6ft tall and would not have fit into their room. So it would have ended up living in an area I would not have preferred so building custom turned out for the best. Plus I am not really into the pointed roof dollhouse setup with an upper floor you can only half use and all that wasted space.. We designed and built ours to have a roof space like an old downtown building and put their little café up there! Rooftop café !


As you can see it truly is a monstrosity. I went with 4ft by 4ft and staggered the rooms because the huge doll bed I had already built them really needed some more space in the one room. I really just winged it putting this box together with two sheets of Birch plywood. 


We stained the floors then painted all the walls. Love some nice real wood floors!


After some fun wallpapering floor trim and some little chair rails were added. 


Once it was trimmed up added some furniture and shelves. Many many more details will be added and blogged as we go. We will be doing quite a bit of decorating in this little home.

Some little under cabinet lighting was perfect to brighten the place up. Make sure to check back as we add details!

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And she's already ONE!

Ok so she's 13 months. We've been really busy so some portraits got delayed. But look at my little doll. I whipped her up a fur vest real fast for this outfit to really finish it off. She even worked in some peek a boo.


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