Nanny's Chicken and Dumplings

Nanny's Chicken and Dumplings



  • A whole chicken
  • bag of flour (I use King Arthur gluten free)
  • salt
  • pepper
  • water


Fill a large pot with water. LARGE - you are putting a WHOLE chicken in there. Now, get all the extras out of your chicken. It probably sporting a bag of goodies up its butt. Don't need those.

Now boil that sucker. Just get it done. Boil it until its like falling off the bone. Then - let it cool down.

Now you need to pull the chicken out of the pot and you need to strain all that broth. DO NOT LOSE ANY! Strain it back into the pot. You just want to verify no bone fragments found their way in.

Season your broth to taste. This is where you use the salt and pepper. I like mine salty, maybe you are one to fancy the pepper? Just season, stir and taste until its just like you like.

NOW- scoop a cup or two of the broth out and place it in a bowl. How much depends on pot size. 4qt or less only 1 cup, big old giant pots get out 2 cups.

Now shred all that chicken back into that pot. Make the pieces nice and small and don't accidentally throw any bones in.

Take your broth and start pouring in flour and stirring. Just flour, no we aren't adding ANYTHING else. Just add the blasted flour and keep adding until your dough looks like dough.


Now pour flour out on the counter top and rub some on your rolling pin and lets roll handfuls at a time of this stuff into noodles. Just roll a small ball out nice and thin and slice into long 1 inch wide noodles.


You don't want to move too fast here. Drop each noodle into the pot one at a time. As you cut them. Do not drop any right next to another noodle in each batch you cut. You want the boiling water in the pot to seal them up so they do not stick to one another. Just roll, cut, drop... roll, cut, drop.. until all of your noodles make it into the pot.

Now listen.. warning labels shouldn't be necessary but I have shared this recipe with folks who have left me shaking my head so here it is... IF YOUR POT GETS TOO FULL .... STOP. OMG folks if the water starts reaching the top you are done ok. No more noodles, its ok to toss a little dough. Do not overflow the pot to get every drop of dough in it.



Keep the fire low. Cook and let thicken. DO NOT STICK A SPOON IN THE POT! If you have a few that something is trying to stick I sometimes use a long butter knife to glide from side to side across the bottom but you do NOT stir dumplings. Don't do it. You will make all your noodles get stuck together and cause a mess! Now look at how nice and thick it gets... SOOOOOO GOOD!