Well I know you want the disk!

It's the DIGITAL age. You have no desire to NOT have the digital images from your session. Lets face it that's just how it is. I WILL do a standard session with printed proofs and print ordering if you prefer that. I can totally go old school and love it too. But the flash drive of files is usually where its at. And the print release burned to every flash drive does give recommendations for wonderful printing labs online and local that I can recommend whole heartedly to you. You can print any place you prefer but these labs I can guarantee will give you professional quality printing results and very reasonable prices. So lets talk options.


10 image mini mini digital $100 plus tax

20 image mini digital $200 plus tax

Full length session - you get every image! No need to pick and choose. (min of 50 images) digital $400 plus tax

Senior MEGA - This includes a one hour studio session, a one hour outdoor session, and either a second one hour outdoor location session OR one hour of coverage of a sporting or other event. You receive ALL of the images edited from all three sessions on a flash drive in high resolution in both color and B&W. The three sessions can be on different dates to allow you to completely change your look such as hair and makeup or be booked back to back if that is your preference. This package usually yields 40-60 images per session but sometimes more… never less LOL $750 plus tax


You can get the smaller sessions for a bargain if you and your buddies wanna buddy up! Get friends together and choose a nice outdoor location or choose studio and all book a 10 image mini mini back to back and get a discount! It's like make your own portrait party. 2 of you.. $90 each -- 3.. well $85 each and 4 only $80 each. You can gather friends up to 5 and get the 10 image session for $75 per group. Its a great way to grab holiday card photos.