Well I know you want the disk!

It's 2016. You have no desire to NOT have the digital images from your session. Lets face it that's just how it is. I WILL do a standard session with printed proofs and print ordering if you prefer that. I can totally go old school and love it too. But the disk is usually where its at. So lets talk options.


10 image mini mini digital $100 plus tax

20 image mini digital $200 plus tax

Full length session - you get every image! No need to pick and choose. (min of 50 images) digital $400 plus tax


You can get the smaller sessions for a bargain if you and your buddies wanna buddy up! Get friends together and choose a nice outdoor location or choose studio and all book a 10 image mini mini back to back and get a discount! It's like make your own portrait party. 2 of you.. $90 each -- 3.. well $85 each and 4 only $80 each. You can gather friends up to 5 and get the 10 image session for $75 per group. Its a great way to grab holiday card photos.