Stretch it - Stretch it good....

So........... my son poured ceral on the trampoline a few weeks ago. Children came in, it got dark, NOBODY bothered to inform mom. And this happened...

Yup.. that's a huge tear, end to end. How you may ask did cereal do this damage??? Because it attracted an asshole raccoon that's how. I swear if this happens ever again I am trapping a raccoon and I'll be sporting a brand new coon skin hat.

Here you see the first step is accomplished, dropping the broken mat.

Then of course one little nasty hard to freaking stretch spring at a time you assemble it.. running circles around the mat like a big idiot to verify you get even stretch.


We did complete it today. Many curses poured through my mind for that coon as it was assembled. It also got dark. So light was needed. Obviously. So boobie-pod to the rescue. Oh don't act like all you ladies don't use the boobie-pod to mount your phone. Need to make a video of a sewing or editing task or need to shine light down and lack hands to do so or the necessary tripod?? Never fear, just start your camera or tonight turn on the phone flashlight and bam... stick it in between the ladies. Boobie-pod. It's a life saver.

As you can see here.. The trampoline was completed. The video is pretty dark lol. Phone cameras don't exactly make wonderful late night videos. But its cute anyhow. Daddy and the girls playing ring around the rosy.

And tomorrow.. FINALLY the climbing dome.

ALSO, just FYI boot camp is the devil. I have never hurt so bad in so many places is my life. But new goal. Adding 30 minutes daily of heavy lifting. In 12 months.. super guns.. oh it will happen...

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