Not enough hours in the days!

There just are NOT!. It's basically impossible to do everything in a day I really need to. But, I simply do as much as I am able and let it roll from there. Today at 6 weeks 4 days of pregnancy the Nausea is kicking in. OMG I feel like I might barf... ugh

I did some sewing for an awesome little dude's birthday and Christmas today. I still have more sewing to complete for him then some building and sewing for his sister but all will get complete. On time too! One way or anther lol.

Then - I hit kohl's today too. And I found a great buy! Gotta love sales and coupons and YesToo rewards from other purchases.

Then after ALL that-- the real fun! A mini photo shoot in Knoop Park with a lovely couple to finish off their pictures for fall. You can see their session on FACEBOOK.

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