Work galore

Started the day today as usual with the gym and then getting breakfast ready for all the kiddos. Went so much better than last night super fiasco. Yeah I totally did not blog last night but it just wasn't happening. I made 10 pounds of hamburger patties. But, I was attempting to multi task and put together the patterns I felt a thump hit my back. Yeah... the little monster AKA Kel, was throwing raw beef like it was freaking snow balls.. ugh.. I SAW him.. and yet still he stood there with his bloody little hands and said his sister did it. Ummm no dude.. just no...

Anyhow breakfast went much better! I made pancakes AND biscuits... why you ask? SO that I could add images when putting the recipes up on the site. Tomorrow is cobbler and ice cream for sure. Can't put up recipes that have no photos right?

All of the recipes I put up need photos! I am working through adding stuff slowly but surely. The biscuits have rice... aside from rice they are free of the other top allergens. No gluten, no dairy, no soy, no corn, no egg... But a very nice fluffy biscuit.

Well that is not ALL I did today. I totally did some selfish sewing today. See I have tattoos now.. yup got the first in march and up to 4 now. Only issue is they HIDE... except, with a racer back top. But even most of those clipped the bit and the edge so I made my own and narrowed the back. I did also make one regular non racer back tank for my best friend. Because birthday party in 10 days.

We are all getting to an age where counting the years is a moot point... count the minutes lol.

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