Another Venture

Well now I make dolls! Yeah I get a new hobby/job each time I am pregnant because I don't really 'nest' anymore because I really don't need anything for the baby and well stuff is basically ready. But I will be stocking ready made dolls in the store as well as taking custom orders where you can select skin, hair, eye color, beauty marks, ect... and clothing styles and colors. My first 4 are shown below to show you all of the skin color options side by side. I made them in that order left to right. It took 4 dolls to really get a feel for the pattern and get good at it. These are being loved by my own girls as they were my practice dolls. I used a Brambles and Blossoms pattern for the main part of the doll but I found I prefer sculpted faces so I ended up making many changes until it was exactly what I wanted.

This little lady below is the first custom order. She is all ready to go meet her mama tomorrow! She is all set with her magnetic paci, diaper, diaper shirt and booties. She is made with the fairest skin tone, has added freckles and slight rosing on her cheeks. Pretty little blue green eyes and auburn hair pulled up into sweet little pigtails. These dolls are made with natural fibers. The skin is 100% organic cotton interlock and the stuffing is pure wool batting. They are weighed with sand grain sized glass weighting beads. The dolls weigh between 1.25 and 1.75 pounds on average. The weight is distributed between the head, limbs and body to provide a natural feel and floppiness like a real newborn. The limbs and heads are jointed for movement. The little lady below weighs 1lb 12oz and is dressed in a sweet pink set.

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