Frazier Wedding

Love this adorable couple. Aren't they cute?


Was a wild day. Getting kids ready, getting packed up, driving to the wedding... getting a speeding ticket on the way in Goulde. I mean I promise you had I SEEN the sign I would have slowed down. I HAD slowed down well before he pulled me over. I slowed down because I did see a sign. The say there's one before that. Maybe I missed the sign. But the fun part he got pissy with me because apparently he had his lights on for a mile.  ummm in a GIANT van you can NOT see someone who drives close as all hell behind you. And he didn't even have real lights on his car, just the little light strip in the windshield... umm no dude I did not see you til I needed to change lanes and saw a glimpse in the side view mirror. Your little toy car is NOT VISIBLE if you are 4 foot off my bumper. WHICH ISN'T LEGAL FOOL! Ugh... anyhow so that's gonna be fun. I gotta call and see how I can pay the fine over the phone or online cause I can not drive 90 minutes each way with all 7 kids on a Thursday morning and drag 7 kids to court with me nor can I get a sitter all day on a Thursday ever.

Now the wedding was gorgeous. The couple is so cute together. And more images can be seen HERE on the facebook page.


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