OK so... its been hectic lol...

Been crazy busy trying to get the school fall schedule sorted and figuring out working in the new little one. Turns out I now can not eat eggs either cause MAN is she allergic. like WOW allergic ugh. So now I am Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Corn and Egg free.... expect new super duper allergy free recipes to evolve. Library on Wednesday mornings started back up and archery is in full swing now. Gymnastics also has started back. I'm slowly this week gonna get posts up from an amazing wedding I shot and a few photo sessions as well as my Labor Day BBQ. Stay tuned!! Enjoy this images of the kids being super goobers...And FYI fall schedule will be TIGHT and I will need to book sessions a few weeks out to make sure I can secure childcare when needed. There is like a 99% chance I will have my newborn strapped to my chest for all sessions this fall. She is NOT a fan of anyone else like at all. But she truly makes no peeps and is happy strapped to my body like a little Kangaroo... which btw there are images of one of those in the upcoming BBQ post!


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