More crazy!

Well crazy man modeling more strikeoff fabric! This fabric will go up for sale in the Jaded thread Shoppe Friday. They have all the characters in blue and in pink and some other nice colors!


It's been a long week already lol. But we are getting things done. So much on the schedule its kinda crazy. I have been making heads for Waldorf dolls because I can make those in the car or in waiting rooms with all these apts. But I need to sit down at the machine and sew the bodies so I can turn  those and stuff them and put them together. Carrying around a sack of heads getting weird. The three I have made are a newborn and two little newborn fairies with little pointy ears and wings!! Then I will be felting nests for beds and a close friend is knitting little tiny crowns and little blankets that will look like leaves! How darling!! She will be helping me out since my poor fingers do NOT like knitting and providing the knitted items any dolls wear. I will be linking to her shop soon so that anyone ordering a custom doll who wants extra attire can not only order more dresses and such but through her little cardigans and knitted hats and such. 

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