Sleepovers are heavily debated. Some people say they are a right of passage and some say they shouldn't happen ever at all. I am in between. I honestly thing first and foremost it depends on the child. I have children who have never and will never sleep over with friends because it's just not something THEY will ever be comfortable with. then I have kids who would act like their life was over if they couldn't go stay with a friend sometimes or have one over. That said there is a VERY I mean VERY VERY small pool of people I would allow to keep my kids for 5 minutes and the ones I would allow them to stay with over night is smaller... ok its honestly like 3 total people. But people seriously just do NOT monitor their children these days so you gotta be careful. It not just worry about people who abuse children and shit that's a problem. 90% of people just simply do NOT PAY ATTENTION to their kids and what they are doing at any given time. I check on mine constantly even when they are just playing together because children need to be monitored or they will mess up your shit and their shit and any and everything else.

Anyhow long story short though my girls and their buddy totally used a massive bin of dollar store madness they have collected to decorate themselves like clowns LOL.  But the storybook tea party was a blast. In my opinion if your child is the type that enjoys a sleepover be smart... be proactive... but don't make them miss the fun!


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