Truly your average persons worry about hair baffles me. It literally will self correct if something goes awry... What other body part will just fix itself. Worst case scenario ever is well lets just take it all off and wait a bit. So I have always been an advocate of letting kids choose their won hair styles. My girls have to keep shorter hair though. They get a lot of choices but they choose to not have tangles because man they have the worst hair for that. It just turns into knots without assistance. So after our cute the 5 year old wanted some blonde streaks. Luckily she was not upset that it turned more into strawberry blonde streaks but her highlights are strong red like mine and bleaching out to full blonde is just not gonna happen for her with anything you can buy at the store.


Her highlights came out quite cute though. As you can see she is definitely happy about it.

She is getting close to 6 now. Man they grow up fast!! This one is pacing her older sister in school so right at her 6th birthday will be entering SECOND grade! She is a funny one though. She doesn't care for bananas... unless they are free... you buy the blasted banana and I swear she is never gonna eat it but the grocery store gives a free piece of fruit to children in the produce section and THOSE bananas (only the free ones mind you the other bananas are crap apparently) but THOSE bananas she will have a teary fit over not getting. And she eats it. Go figure...


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