#8 definetly not late

Well this was by far the roughest pregnancy ever.

Gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, disaster in the house from a flood that left us dealing with 7 kids in a hotel for well over a month. I spent a lot of time after 20 weeks in bed as much as possible. I have never felt so awful in my life. For quite a while my blood pressure was constantly 145-155 / 95-99 and at times it was spiking to 180/110 but since laying down on my side would bring it to 135/88 range meds were opted against in favor of resting when it elevated so as to not expose the baby to unnecessary medication.

The food issue…

Now that was a whole issue in itself. The ONLY breakfast that was giving me reasonable numbers 2 hours after was 4 fried eggs with 1 sausage and 1 small pear. I ate that exact breakfast for 6 weeks UGH… talk about getting bored. My appetite eventually got to the point where it just did not exist anymore.

The weekend Khyzen was born, I was having a horrible time with my blood pressure. funny enough my blood sugars were low and not elevating anymore. I really think my placenta had decided fuck it at that point. Even getting out of bed to pee was spiking my pressure way way up. But even laying in bed it was no longer staying reasonable. I had planned to call the dr first thing Monday morning if it continued to go in for a check. But little dude had other plans.

I laid in bed the entire weekend aside from restroom breaks and napped because my head was pounding. Around 11 pm on Sunday March 10th I had a trickle… I was convinced as little as it was I peed myself. Lets face it once you are on baby #8 it’s happened before. I got up and went to the restroom. I peed.. but when I stood up more fluid came out.

So I informed the hubby that I thought maybe my water broke. Was worried of course since I was 34w5d and I was really really trying to make at least 37 weeks. I moved to the bed and put down a bed pad in case. My stomach tightened and a little more fluid came, about 10 minutes later it did it again.

At this point I figured it was for sure my water and that labor was gonna start since I had those two contractions so I called labor and delivery to give a heads up and called my great aunt to come sit with the kids.

Hubby got my clothes for me and as I stood up the entire plan changed. All I could manage was to yell help catch him. While catching the baby he dialed 911 to call an ambulance and Khyzen was born right there by the side of the bed. Not even a wet spot on the carpet below… I am fairly certain my fluid levels were seriously low. My other 7 babies came out with a river behind them and there was nothing.

He did well breathing and was overall healthy. Big boy of 8lb3oz considering he was a 34 weeker. But that was not the happy ending right there. Oh I wish the fast home birth was the end of that fun. The first few weeks with this little monkey were quite exhausting.


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