All Hollows Eve

Halloween is probably the children's favorite holiday of all time. I mean they are totally like Christmas be damned if they had to choose. Costumes - love them -- candy -- live it--- and the scare factor is right up their alley for sure.

I of course made a grotesque lunch because-- why the hell not.


This year the girls re-wore last years costumes because dammit those things took FOREVER to sew and they still freaking fit. Kel is a cute little dragon who was supposed to have red arms and legs but he's two and it wasn't happening so oh well.

Getting them ready for trick or treating was so fun.. Apparently riding hood is a redhead this year. She was blonde last year but who am I to argue right? The blonde wig needed a brush anyhow so this worked out. Yeah.. we have multiple wigs.. its a long story that involved alcohol and amazon prime so just don't ask.


I will say I did not make the perfect trick or treating plan. We walked over a mile to reach he street that had trick or treating. In the dark - On an old highway road - having to ditch it most of the way - no sidewalks for much - I am pretty sure I burned enough calories pushing the younger three kids in that triple stroller to eat an entire hog worth the bacon now should I so desire. But my biggest regret.. The two bottles of water before leaving. Next year we just risk dehydration. I almost did not make it home - well dry anyhow. Never had to pee so bad in all my damn life and had to walk a mile pushing a triple stroller laden with monsters up hill. yup was so regretting my life choices at that point.

We hit the local haunted yard. The ladies immediately began calling off the team of scary monsters! I was all WAIT!! Hold your horses here. These are MY children. They ain't scared of shit dude. have at it.. good luck.. and may the force of fear be with you.


Poor crew of monsters was so confused when giving the green light to scare the hell out of the little ones since most of the children as old as 12-13 I saw were freaking out and screaming. Bunch of pansies. Nope -- mine did not even jump -- they giggled and laughed and completely enjoyed it all. Monsters jumped out and growled and grabbed them and they giggled and said mom they getting me.. Korah chased one of the monsters back behind his tree--

We will have to spend some money and buy tickets to a real haunted house thing next year. We got through it and the creepers had done their best but no cigar. It just was NOT scary enough for my littles. So we need to find like super frightening, crazy scary haunted house for next year so feel free to offer suggestions.

When we finally arrived home with my dying and sweating bullets because my crazy ass pushed that triple stroller a good 4 miles tonight, 1/2 a mile of which I jogged to try to avoid excess exposure to traffic on a dark ass road that has zero street lights, they proceeded to share the booty with their brothers. Boys had no desire to go but they were more than happy to take the treats.

Next year -haunted house- new costumes- better plan for the walk and I will NOT have the water before the walk -- dehydration much preferable to near pissing my pants.


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