Branson for the win

Well as stated Kolby turned 17! Well he adores going to Silver Dollar City in Branson Missouri so off we went. Spent two solid days on the park. Plenty of coasters were ridden. More than plenty I would say, and I am sure Jason's neck is solidly in the camp of too many.

Let me start off by saying staying in a hotel for 3 nights with 6 children is for the damn birds. They don't sleep for shit as it is. Putting them all basically on top of one another for days does NOT eliminate this issue. But we have survived it, see... I'm here blogging about it, conflict survived lol.

Well as with any good vacation mom gets the dirty work right. So while Jason and the older three boys gallivanted around blasting away on roller coaster after roller coaster I did what any good mom does. Played pack mule with a bunch of little ingrates and watched them have fun while trying to capture it in the horrid lighting mother nature was providing. But they do so love feeling all independent and getting on the rides without me.


The girls think they are hot shit since I let them lead the little monster through the line with them and be his helper for rides. But alas it did cause some arguments as well. Korah was all smiles when it was her turn to sit with him and be his helper but good grief when it was Kheagan's turn the meltdown occurred. She totally wanted to ride the blasted ride and insisted in getting on I swear. She simply was pissed as all get out that her sister got to ride with the little man.

She did manage to muster up the effort to throw me a nice parade wave.

Photos of the boys are not in quantity. They really like roller coasters and the little ones can't get on those yet so they spend a lot of the day off doing their own thing with dad. But they do come to the back to let the littles on the swing. Kolby being over 16 is super useful with so many little bitsies since they require anyone under 48 inches to ride with an adult on the stinking swings and the younger ones LOVE the swing.


As you can see while Korah was ecstatic Kolby was pretty much -- eh this is SO NOT a roller coaster. LOL.

But the boys are good sports about helping the little ones ride rides. We did all many times get together on the tea cups. The first time on we split with Jason, Kel, Me, Kheagan and Korah in one cup and Kolby, Krishtian and Khayman in the other. After we swapped Jason and Kel for Khayman because - weenies. Mama spins the cup too fast for them.

All of the time in the hotel in the evenings did yield a few fun moments as you would expect. Kel decided to spit juice up and down a wall because well.. he's an ass. And then once all writing utensils hidden since he kept attempting to draw on shit he used a banana to provide us with the joy of a mural on the wall. That child just spends his days looking for ways to sway me from a non-spanker to a let's just beat his ass kinda mom. He's bridging the gap daily but I'm holding out so far. Swats he has had, corner well, he may end up living there but man sometimes I am feeling that whole spare the rod line echo man. That boy is trouble.

I'll share some of the conversation highlights from the weekend.

Kheagan - can I get more coffee (yeah hotels are their fav places they go get coffee non stop)
Me - eat your meatballs first
Korah - what do I get if I eat my cookie
Me - a COOKIE... Omg if you eat your cookie you got a damn cookie!!

So Jason spilled honey on the bed...

Kheagan - your gonna have to lay on your honey tonight

Jason - fighting laughter - I wish

Kheagan - you'll have to lay on your honey forever and ever and ever

Jason - no longer able to contain laughter

But man I admit I couldn't stop laughing either. Its almost as funny as when she first became obsessed with my mannequins. She and Korah were admiring the set of them and Kheagan yells 'Mom, we have a whole family of dummies' Oh man you can bet I laughed.. while slyly telling her 'Yes, yes we do....'


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