Fall dresses

More Birch organic fabric sewn up and ready to roll! Yup I take custom orders and I have more fabric and pattern options that you can shake a stick at.


Blogging has been slow. It has been skipped some. SORRY! I am exhausted. The first few weeks of pregnancy I am soooo sleepy. Do not fret. Soon I will instead be vomiting non stop and unable to sleep at all so the posting should be much more frequent.

Kel has made the week long. Boy LITERALLY was swinging from the chandelier. I mean like a damn monkey hanging down swinging. I swear if he tears that thing out of the ceiling...

Hit a lovely stage with Korah as well. Apparently four is gonna be an emotional stage for this girl. Please let it be short.

Hoping new baby is a boy. Kel needs a brother closer to his age to wrestle with. But we'll take what we get! Won't be finding out so do not ask. Once the baby is born the gender will be announced right here on the blog. We have a name either way though. Kwyn Ivy Snelson for a girl or Kayde Nathaniel Snelson for a boy. Just won't be monogramming anything until after delivery.

I do understand team green makes other people insane. I am so sorry for your hardship and will give it the lack of consideration it deserves... It's fun to wait people!! Life has so few surprises.


DO NOT FORGET!! You only have until 8pm Friday the 25th to call and purchase sessions or gift cards at 25% off! Don't miss out!!!     501-412-5107

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