A little bit of this and a little bit of that..

That's how my day went. Not a ton of anything finished but a little of everything. Kel got some new shirts. He is OBSESSED with the Pokémon shirt. We will be making more Pokémon shirts in many other fabric options per his request. Then I made paw patrol as well because well he insisted lol. And the cute organic birch knit I used the girls' dresses in the last post needed to become a shirt for him as well. They will all wear them in the Christmas photo... if it ever gets taken. Got so so close this weekend ... then ....

Korah - hey mom..

Me - Did you draw on your face?

Korah - Noooo

Me - I can see your face...

Korah - Oh - you got me.


So until her face doesn't have red spots since she apparently was giving herself the chicken pox we will be postponing. But here are the pics of Kel's new shirt hoard.



We did also put together a new outdoor toy for the children this weekend. It only took one entire day of Kel steeling pieces and running amuck to get it together. But .. they super love it.


Khayman even played with the littles -- but don't tell him I told... man at the faces I got when he saw I took a photo... Teenagers (or almost teens as he'll be 13 in about 6 weeks!) and their complaints about being blogged...


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