The decorating begins..

We have a theme for decorating this year. A new theme. I will share as we slowly put it together this week. This year's theme - The Night Santa went Crazy. Yup decorating for Christmas all hallows eve style this year. Going to be fun lol. It all started in Branson, the children saw a tree covered in elf legs. Gonna guess THEIR thoughts when THEY decorated the tree was "Hey lets make it look like elves dove right into the tree!" But when we saw it.. with our lovely slightly warped minds we saw-- "Dude, that looks like some sort of twisted elf serial killer's trophy tree." And then an idea was born... yup elf trophy tree.

We love the weird Al song "The Night Santa Went Crazy" Which I will share right below this paragraph in case you haven't had the pleasure. Over the next few years we will be making and collecting much to go with the theme and starting next year setting it ALL up October 1st and keeping up til New Years to enjoy it the whole season. See I got you there.. with the new theme I can put my tree up in October... HAHAHA


So, currently in the prep stage. Starters was to dismember some little elves to scatter around the living room. You know, hanging from chandeliers and lights and frame edges and curtain rods. I mean Santa did go crazy so its undoubtable that he would make a mess right?

Next up will be those giant arms and legs to have poking out of the tree... oh and creepy Santa - yup got one will share him when assembled. I know, I know, it's not the typical holiday décor. BUT, my kids are having a BLAST decorating and don't and never have believed in Santa anyhow so why not?? Once complete I assure you, the hilarity in the design will not be lost. Yay for fun decorating!

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