Thanksgiving --


Yup new ones! Under my recipes. I put up banana pudding and yes it is gluten free, dairy free and soy free and oh so delicious. Also my Nanny's chicken and rice as well as chicken and dumplings recipes. The dumplings are made with gluten free flour but her-- not gluten free-- want to save some $$ they work exactly the same with regular white flour. All of the recipes are easy to follow and very economical. The chicken and rice especially so if you watch for sales on chicken. You'd be hard pressed to find a way to make that much allergy friendly food for that budget typically.

I did also manage to sew up some lounge sets for the kids. I made 3 of the pink retro car one. One for each of my girls and one for their cute little friend. And then these brown ooga boogas for Kel. This is their favorite pattern for lounge wear. It's so comfy and so easy to get on.

Of course I cooked. And way way too much. We won't be cooking again for many days. But I have a LOT of photo shoots to do so that's a good thing! Do not forget to grab your 25% off gift cards or sessions! Here's the spread though.. overkill for 8 people but whatever it was good!

As you can see some little monkeys were photo bombing there. After lunch we also go outside and did photos of the children. Do not worry -- everyone survived! Barely... Those will be shown tomorrow because I feel like death warmed over after getting up at 1:30 am and beginning black Friday shopping online. Oh yeah.. I hit the online fabric sales... I got awesome fabric in all the colors including rainbow...and I got it half price!

I did go black Friday shopping at Walmart too and even stood in line 30 minutes for a doorbuster lol... But not for me. A friend had a boy wanting one of those imaginext T-rex toys that were half price and unfortunately her tiny town has a Walmart that had zero available at all. BUMMER... but I had plans to grab some of the cheap blu ray and dvd bargains anyhow so I got in line and got the little man a t-rex.

Off to bed now because I have totally overdone it today. been up for 16 hours now and well its TIME to call it a night!

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