Getting it done!

Well I have been meaning to get my allergy friendly baked goods up on the recipe page and now I have. You can find them over there now! Here are a few photos to really set your mouth to watering.

I totally baked them all back to back so that I could take photos of them. Because I really can't upload a recipe without an image... I mean how would you know how good it looked right? These are very popular around here. The fudge in particular. I have many friends who will atest that those cookies are a diet ender, you will not be able to resist them I promise you.

I did get sewing done as well. Of course, You know me busy busy busy... I made a cute little thong and panty set. No this one's not mine its a size medium folks and my ass is still quite a ways from squeezing into a medium. But rest assured, I have plans to sew myself some absolutely hilarious and amazing panties soon and while I won't blind you with any photos of my big ass I will absolutely share the glory of the panty collection in full. Poor you... you'll always be wandering which humorous undies I am sporting. HAHA


And as we all know. Busy is my middle name. Actually ok Ann is my middle name and well my first name is nobody business lol... But I had two fabulous photo shoots this weekend. Here's a quick sneak of each of them. More to come when the editing is complete.


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