To zoo or not to zoo...

That is the question right? Well today it was to zoo. Though we did not view a large assortment of animals today since my children are super weirdos.

Two posts in one day??!!?? Yes of course. This morning I had time to get those recipes on here and well I couldn't wait to get the message out. Got a few messages that confirm they were already tried and tested within hours of being typed up!

Yup. Stuck their faces in every spot they could manage to stick them. I am fairly certain if there was a park that was entirely made of weird little cutouts they would be there with bells on!!

When we travel to Branson again the wax museum I think is a must. My little dorks will enjoy the hell out of posing with wax people.

So I missed the gym today. First time in a month. I did still count and measure food and I did still walk. But since my lovely daughters decided Barbie needed to get back to nature and put out a clothesline that I was unaware of until my knee was making friends with the hard floor, I now have a super swollen and bruised knee.

Have almost finished editing this session... super cute little ones!


And I completed editing the mini mini of this lovely family! My vacant lot here photographs so well for being such a plain sight. Can't beat the evening sun either!


Well tomorrow the nation will either cry, die, fall to its knees or potentially scream out in exhilaration. OMG I will die of happiness if Trump and Clinton both lose somehow though I know that is unlikely. The least I can hope for though is a major upset, electoral collage mess and anger from all sides over what the electoral collage does if it comes to their decision. Because we NEED to move to popular vote and get rid of the two party system to allow real honest Americans a chance to get into offices that will allow those who truly want to make a difference to do so. As it stands too many people do not even bother voting simply because of the state in which they reside. Too many republicans in California and too many Democrats in Texas who are convinced that due to where they live their vote simply doesn't count. But, with a move to popular vote your choice of state residency no longer affects how much your vote is worth. All votes would be equal. Isn't equality what the country is meant to be based upon achieving? Down with the electoral collage... Please let tomorrow be the turning point that moves us to popular vote and kills the 2 party systems hold on the whole thing.

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