And it begins...

Well, I've pretty much always wanted to start a blog. I have so much crap to say.. to show.. to do.. to share.. Not sure the world is really ready for my level of crazy to be fully out there. I know this is attached to all my businesses, some will say its absurd and totally unprofessional to attach my thoughts and ramblings along with the actually useful crap to my business pages. But lets be honest, many of you have met me, or will meet me if you book a photo shoot lol. And if you can't handle reading my spazz thoughts you probably aren't booking the right photographer for you.

I am a bit of a nut, and have zero issues with embarrassing the hell out of myself to capture the smiles of your little monkeys. Yeah I said monkeys, you know it, I know it... Mine are pretty convinced they have already joined the circus and spend their days perfecting their show all over my house. It's frightening at times. The 2 year old jumps from the loft bed and tries to land on random softness he throws on the floor, which would be more logical if that meant a pillow, but no... he is pretty sure a doll blanket or random dress up tutu will do the trick.

There will soon (ok like expect a week or so to completion) be links to all sorts of great allergy free cooking recipes and of course now that I am doing the Keto diet to my favorites of those as well. Yep you heard me... Started the Ketogenic diet in February. I have lost 77 pounds thus far. I still need to lose 120 and I will absolutely update you on vital progress on that. Many of the recipes I have found really needed umm... adjustment for lack of a better word. I will post the adjustments made with those of course.

Ok wish me luck! Once I can get all of this off and running smoothly you'll definitely want to be subscribed to the blog so that you get an update email when a post goes through! 


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