Girl's Night - first in over a decade!

Well I haven't had a girl's night out in about a decade.

I have 6 kids.. I literally spent the last consecutive 7 years pregnant, nursing or doing both, so going "OUT" wasn't really an option. But I had to wean the boy in April. He was only 19 months old and I totally felt bad - not - I would have if he hadn't attempted to chomp my nipple right off my boob about 5 times in a week. So... mama has a break, I am sure it won't take forever to be pregnant again, but for the first time in my life THAT is actually not coming easily.

But on February 3rd 2016 I was 358 pounds and finally just angry enough about it that I started the Keto diet. Today I weighed 281. so down 77 pounds so far. I have a ways to go still of course. Most likely this loss in a short span of time is why my cycles have been off and why we have tried a few times and still no lucky #7 on the way yet. But hopefully before long.

Back to girl's night. Well with all the pregnancy and nursing I have obviously gone many many moons without alcoholic beverages. But what's girl's night without some shots?? I am a fun drunk, a giggly drunk, but once drunk I can not count shots like at all. I should not open bar tabs... because then counting goes right out the window. And when counting goes out the window... Bacardi shots go way up in number.

We ventured out to The Whiskey Bent Saloon on the feeder between Jacksonville and Cabot. Magic Mike show.. yup you heard me.. DANCERS! The talent was well... talented! It was hilariously fun.

That was until.... I needed to pee. Drunk girls panic when they gotta go and have no blasted idea where the toilet is. There should be way way more signs in bars to the bathroom. They should also be written in whatever language drunk people read. Yup I am one of those can't read or write drinkers. Which means you got it, I drunk text. And it's completely illegible. I can NOT decipher it in any way shape or form the next day. Texted a friend - "resubmitted ass baked" If you have any clue what that possibly was supposed to be before autocorrect apparently took over you let me know.

OH and FYI - the door labeled OUTHOUSE... yeah.. it is in fact NOT an outhouse. Note to self- for future girls night reference, find the toilet BEFORE you order shots.



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