Tiniest little thing

This little lovely is already adopted but more like her can be custom ordered. This is a 6 inch jointed toddler doll. Made her using the 12 inch Toddler Norah pattern printed at 50%.

I get all my doll making parts from Weir Crafts website except weighting glass which I have sourced on ebay mostly.

I did not use the fleece lining in this tiny Norah because she has no glass weight, Only wool stuffing so its not needed at all for her. I used 16mm joints for her arms and 20 for her legs and head but I ordered 12mm and will be doing 20 for head- 16 for lets and 12 for the arms from now on I think. Just seems more right on the sizing.

Her clothing is mostly upcycled. and yes those are TINY little LEATHER shoes that tie .. My own pattern for those and I did have to fully hand sew it.

I got the sweet little suitcase to make her bed in at Wood Crafter. It stained up fairy nice. I used a dark stain on it and just runned it in very well and wiped clean so it would dry fast.

Below I will attach images of the finished doll as well as a slideshow of some images from her creation process.

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