Diapering babies..

I use cloth diapers. I really really prefer fitted diapers and wool. I do use some pul diapers but its not my favorite. I have tremendous collection of hand knit wool pants and shorts and soakers for the baby. Kel currently sports them as well. These diapers I have been sewing are made with bamboo velour I ice dyed ... well the tie dye ones. Omg so beautiful. So squishy soft!!

Theseare either snapless fitteds or what are referred to as preflats. They are prefols without extra center padding, same thickness throughout.But you can pair lovely doublers to add more in the center area when needed. Both options require pinning.

Which I do with METAL HEAD LOCKING PINS!! Oh those things are hard as all get out to get now. Apparently since the metal heads are painted the regulations now in the US state to sell them here one must certify they are lead tested. This is not something any manufacturer is likely to bother doing on an item that sells such a small quantity in the country. I got some anyhow... through other channels.

But my take is WHY is anyone letting their child walk around chewing a diaper pin??? And if my child manages to chew one WHILE WEARING IT... well then lead is the least of my concerns we'll be joining up with the circus.

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